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“Cleopatra’s Needle”: The Forgotten 3,000-Year-Old Monument in Central Park

New York was early beset with a complex of inferiority to the older and grander cities of the world. No matter how large it grew or how tall it built, New York would always be the younger, more rough-and-tumble brother … Continue reading

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Audrey Munson: “Miss Manhattan” Died in Obscurity in 1996

Walking around New York City, it’s hard to avoid Audrey Munson. The girl is everywhere, gazing down on us from above. She has been holding vigil over Manhattan for generations and will likely continue to do so for centuries to … Continue reading

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Evelyn McHale: A Beautiful Death on 33rd Street

When the Empire State Building officially opened in 1931, it was an engineering marvel: by far the tallest structure on the planet, and built in just 16 months during the depths of the Great Depression. Though the weak economy caused … Continue reading

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Anarchists in America: The Wall Street Bombing of 1920

Walking past 23 Wall Street, just east of Nassau Street, you could hardly be blamed for missing them: a series of pockmarks chipped out of the building’s limestone facade. There are few people alive today who were old enough to … Continue reading

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The Stonewall Riots: Gay People Stormed out of the Closet in 1969

The trauma of World War II left a deep scar across the American psyche, which was still simultaneously trying to get over the economic horror that had been the Great Depression. Fear of losing American culture and values, whatever those … Continue reading

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