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Typhoid Mary: An Unintentional Killer, Quarantined for 3 Decades

In 1906, George Thompson rented out his summer home in Oyster Bay, Long Island, just as he did every year. This time, the renters were Charles Henry Warren and his family. With them, they brought a hired cook by the … Continue reading

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The High Line: From Death Trap to Tourist Trap

Starting in the second half of the 19th century, and spilling well into the beginning of the 20th, Manhattan was criss-crossed by an extensive network of elevated commuter trains, not unlike the system on which Chicago operates so famously today. … Continue reading

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Webster Hall: 4 Fires, 126 Years, and Countless Concerts at New York’s Greatest Stage

  Beginning in 1870, the north side of East 11th Street in the East Village was dominated by the parochial school of St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church. But in 1886, the congregation’s feathers were ruffled when a new building began … Continue reading

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Julia Gardiner: Married a President on 5th Avenue

When William Henry Harrison became the first president to die in office after succumbing to pneumonia in April of 1841, vice president John Tyler ascended to fill his vacancy and thus became the first president to ever not be elected … Continue reading

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Miami: From Huts to Highrises

The miles of white sandy beaches lined with soaring glass condo towers and gleaming art-deco bars and hotels was, for more than 1,000 years, home to the Tequesta people. Juan Ponce de Leon entered Biscayne Bay in 1513, introducing European … Continue reading

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