Before & After: 184th Street and Broadway 1934-2011

184th E of Broadway 1934 2011

West 184th Street, at the Northeast corner of Broadway, still held remnants of Washington Heights’ life as a rural enclave in 1934. This faded wood-frame house stands in the shadow of a newer, much larger apartment block. Today, the apartment block remains, while the small house has been replaced by an alleyway. The brick shop on the left is now home to a parking garage with a Staples Office Supply Store in its base. (1934 photo from NYPL Digital Gallery; 2011 photo from Google Maps)

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1 Response to Before & After: 184th Street and Broadway 1934-2011

  1. RatDoctor says:

    I love tracking the flow of time in places and people. It’s a bit pitty I don’t know New York and the places from photos, they’re a bit anonymous for me, but it is still interesting. Me myself I come from Gdańsk, Poland and sometime ago I bought a book with old photos of Gdańsk, comparing it to what I know now and that is fascinating, as I know the places personally.

    Unfortunately, wars and communism destroyed a huge part of the historical places and buildings, but reading your blog I learned, that even placed untouched by such disasters, like New York, still suffer from the people’s rush toward new-better-modern, and they lost a lot of beautiful, full of spirit, historical places.

    Sorry for my English, I hope I explained my feelings clearly.

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