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Name: Keith Age: 20-something Location: New York Passion: History You'll find a million blogs like mine, but mine is better.

I’ve moved @keithyorkcity onto Instagram!

Hi All, I know it’s been years since my last post; I apologize for that. I wanted to log in to let everyone know that I am not truly MIA. I have simply moved my historic ramblings to a more … Continue reading

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From the New York Times, May 25, 1882: A WARNING TO LADIES WHO CARRY THEIR PURSES EXPOSED IN THE STREETS. Mrs. Mary McDonald, of No. 454 West Thirty-fourth-street, was passing along Thirtieth-street, near Fourth-avenue, shortly after 6 o’clock on Tuesday … Continue reading

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Emma Kane: A Sad End in a Queens Theater

Often, when I get struck by an idea for a blog post, the digging required to find details about my subject ends up unearthing little nuggets of history that I never expected to find. And more likely than not, it’s … Continue reading

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Snapshot: 1942 Demolition of the 2nd Avenue Elevated

Originally constructed from 1878-1880, and expanded through the early 20th century to eventually serve east Manhattan from South Ferry all the way to 125th Street,┬áthe Second Avenue Elevated Line was ultimately demolished during the summer of 1942. Once one of … Continue reading

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Death in Apartment 2G: Catherine Phelan and a Hammer made Headlines in the Heights in 1933

For twenty-eight years, Catherine Phelan served the Sheridan household. Catherine, at 52 in 1933, had spent more than half her life in their employ. When Mrs. Sheridan passed away in 1924, Catherine was elevated to the role of live-in maid … Continue reading

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