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The Grand Central Hotel: Murders, Suicides, Scandals, and Disasters in New York’s Most Famous Forgotten Inn

Today, if you stand at the intersection of Broadway and West 3rd in the Village, and look to the southwest, you’ll see a rather unassuming red brick post-modern apartment block. It is set back a few yards from the sidewalk, … Continue reading

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The Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument: More Americans Died Emprisoned in New York Harbor than in All Revolutionary War Battles Combined

Looming over the trees atop one of the tallest hills in New York City stands a 149-foot-tall Doric column topped by an immense green copper lantern. At its base reads the inscription: “1776 THE PRISON SHIP MARTYRS MONUMENT 1908.” Who … Continue reading

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“The Great White Blizzard”: New York Ground to a Halt in March 1888

With the clean-up from Hurricane Sandy expected to drag on for many weeks, if not months, it’s humbling to realize how much we remain at the mercy of nature, despite our technological advances. The New York Stock Exchange was shuttered … Continue reading

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Anarchists in America: The Wall Street Bombing of 1920

Walking past 23 Wall Street, just east of Nassau Street, you could hardly be blamed for missing them: a series of pockmarks chipped out of the building’s limestone facade. There are few people alive today who were old enough to … Continue reading

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The General Slocum Disaster: Single-Handedly Destroyed New York’s Little Germany

Prior to 1871, Germany was not a unified nation, but instead a collection of more than three dozen kingdoms and principalities loosely associated through the 1815 Treaty of Vienna, which attempted to coordinate the economies of Europe’s German-speaking peoples. In … Continue reading

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