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The 1848 High Bridge Over the Harlem River

What is now known as New York City had a water problem in the 19th century. Its burgeoning population required copious amounts of it for industry, cleaning, drinking, and bathing. But that same population was rapidly polluting the freshwater rivers … Continue reading

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Typhoid Mary: An Unintentional Killer, Quarantined for 3 Decades

In 1906, George Thompson rented out his summer home in Oyster Bay, Long Island, just as he did every year. This time, the renters were Charles Henry Warren and his family. With them, they brought a hired cook by the … Continue reading

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The Great Mistake of 1898: The Consolidation of a Dozen Towns into 5 Boroughs

Almost immediately upon its discovery, New York Harbor was recognized as one of the greatest natural waterways in the Americas, if not the entire world. As such, the Dutch were quick to settle the isles and inlets surrounding it as … Continue reading

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