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The 1848 High Bridge Over the Harlem River

What is now known as New York City had a water problem in the 19th century. Its burgeoning population required copious amounts of it for industry, cleaning, drinking, and bathing. But that same population was rapidly polluting the freshwater rivers … Continue reading

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A Bryant Park Scene, 1926

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The Collect Pond: New York’s First Source of Water was Filled in to Become “Five Points,” the Worst Slum in American History

18th-century Manhattan was a decidedly beautiful and peaceful place. Home to roughly 30,000 people in the years just after the Revolutionary War, New York was a far cry from the glass-and-cement jungle of 8 million it has become today. It … Continue reading

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“Cleopatra’s Needle”: The Forgotten 3,000-Year-Old Monument in Central Park

New York was early beset with a complex of inferiority to the older and grander cities of the world. No matter how large it grew or how tall it built, New York would always be the younger, more rough-and-tumble brother … Continue reading

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The High Line: From Death Trap to Tourist Trap

Starting in the second half of the 19th century, and spilling well into the beginning of the 20th, Manhattan was criss-crossed by an extensive network of elevated commuter trains, not unlike the system on which Chicago operates so famously today. … Continue reading

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