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Death in Apartment 2G: Catherine Phelan and a Hammer made Headlines in the Heights in 1933

For twenty-eight years, Catherine Phelan served the Sheridan household. Catherine, at 52 in 1933, had spent more than half her life in their employ. When Mrs. Sheridan passed away in 1924, Catherine was elevated to the role of live-in maid … Continue reading

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The Grand Central Hotel: Murders, Suicides, Scandals, and Disasters in New York’s Most Famous Forgotten Inn

Today, if you stand at the intersection of Broadway and West 3rd in the Village, and look to the southwest, you’ll see a rather unassuming red brick post-modern apartment block. It is set back a few yards from the sidewalk, … Continue reading

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Murder at Madison Square Garden: Evelyn Nesbit, Stanford White, and Harry Kendall Thaw Made Headlines in 1906

Stanford White was one of the leading architects in America in 1906, when he was murdered in cold blood atop a building he designed. Born in New York in 1853, he apprenticed under Henry Hobson Richardson, whose “Richardsonian Romanesque” style … Continue reading

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Simon Gillis: A 3-time Olympian Who Accidentally Killed a Boy in Harlem in 1904.

Today, if you follow Park Avenue all the way north to its terminus at the Harlem River somewhere near 135th Street, you’ll find the brown-brick¬†Lincoln Houses, built by the New York City Housing Authority in 1948. The towers hold some … Continue reading

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William Augustus Muhlenberg: Founder of St. Luke’s Hospital and Rector of the Church which became a Nightclub which became a Mall

In 1826, a young and charismatic Pennsylvanian preacher by the name of William Augustus Muhlenberg was named rector of St. George’s Church in the town of Flushing on Long Island. ¬†Flushing, now a neighborhood in the New York City borough … Continue reading

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