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Anarchists in America: The Wall Street Bombing of 1920

Walking past 23 Wall Street, just east of Nassau Street, you could hardly be blamed for missing them: a series of pockmarks chipped out of the building’s limestone facade. There are few people alive today who were old enough to … Continue reading

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The Stonewall Riots: Gay People Stormed out of the Closet in 1969

The trauma of World War II left a deep scar across the American psyche, which was still simultaneously trying to get over the economic horror that had been the Great Depression. Fear of losing American culture and values, whatever those … Continue reading

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Julia Gardiner: Married a President on 5th Avenue

When William Henry Harrison became the first president to die in office after succumbing to pneumonia in April of 1841, vice president John Tyler ascended to fill his vacancy and thus became the first president to ever not be elected … Continue reading

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Chester A. Arthur: Became President in his Lexington Avenue Home

When James A. Garfield decided to run on the Republican ticket for President of the United States, his party knew they faced an uphill battle. Garfield, a Civil War veteran from Ohio, would struggle to win votes in the Northeast, … Continue reading

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Lincoln Center: Making Music atop San Juan Hill

New York in the years immediately following World War II was a city in tremendous flux. America was on the move and eager to modernize anything and everything at the drop of a hat. For reasons too complex and far-reaching … Continue reading

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