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Snapshot: 1942 Demolition of the 2nd Avenue Elevated

Originally constructed from 1878-1880, and expanded through the early 20th century to eventually serve east Manhattan from South Ferry all the way to 125th Street,┬áthe Second Avenue Elevated Line was ultimately demolished during the summer of 1942. Once one of … Continue reading

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Building the NYC Subway: Construction Photos from 1901-04

The first subway line to stretch across Manhattan started at City Hall and crawled uptown to Grand Central via what is now the 4/5/6 line. At Grand Central, all trains turned west and followed what is now the Shuttle to … Continue reading

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A Bryant Park Scene, 1926

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“The Great White Blizzard”: New York Ground to a Halt in March 1888

With the clean-up from Hurricane Sandy expected to drag on for many weeks, if not months, it’s humbling to realize how much we remain at the mercy of nature, despite our technological advances. The New York Stock Exchange was shuttered … Continue reading

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The High Line: From Death Trap to Tourist Trap

Starting in the second half of the 19th century, and spilling well into the beginning of the 20th, Manhattan was criss-crossed by an extensive network of elevated commuter trains, not unlike the system on which Chicago operates so famously today. … Continue reading

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